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Plank of Weights

MTC's medically assisted weight loss programs offer a measured, safe and effective approach for patients who've struggled with losing weight on their own, or while on TRT. Your provider will tap into our arsenal of products + services to offer an individualized approach to optimize your weight and enhance your life.

In addition to our structured plans, we give our patients an optimal advantage in losing weight with a combination of options.

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MTC Weight Loss Programs may tap into the following products and services, individually or in-tandem -- to meet the individualized weight loss goals of our patients:

  • Semaglutide

  • Weekly Lipotropic Injections

  • Prescription Appetite Suppressants (if needed)

  • Weight-loss focused lab work

  • One-on-one monthly consultations with your experienced provider

  • Ancillary Products + Services [to Enhance Results]

  • InBody to Track Results

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